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Total Fitness Scale Features

  • Saves the customer's weight history and dates visited.
  • Gives the customer Body Mass Index. BMI is a better measure of fitness than weight alone.
  • Minimal floor space: -14" wide, 21" deep, 53" high.
  • Battery operated for location convenience.
  • Tracks 8,000 of the customers' weight readings and dates.
  • Displays "lucky" lottery numbers and daily fortunes (for entertainment only).
  • Programmable custom messages.
  • Extremely accurate digital weight - up to 500 lbs.


Customer Benefits

  • Actually helps customer attain their desired weight by comparing the pounds gained or lost and counts the days since the last visit.
  • Rewards customer for weight loss by giving customer a free WEIGH IN for losing 2 pounds or more.
  • Creates a sense of membership and store loyalty.


Location Benefits

  • Generates revenue from a new source that does not compete with any other sale.
  • Exclusive tracking system creates a loyal following of repeat customers.
  • Provides your customers' weight history and BMI progress in your location only.

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