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Publicom, Inc.

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Publicom, Inc. is a privately held Virginia Corporation that provides public screening and monitoring services to a broad base of customers. Our corporate philosophy is that healthcare must be made easy and convenient for the general public. Today, healthcare consumers insist on having as much information as possible available to them to take control of factors that impact their individual health and lives. Our comprehensive suite of customized health products supports health promotion, disease management, and other related health initiatives. Our products enable employers and health care professionals to combat rising healthcare costs by targeting the nation's top health risks.


Established in 1976, our company leases and sells a complete line of self-attended automated health monitoring and information systems. We specialize in providing comprehensive and individually directed health programs for industry, hospitals, financial institutions, pharmacies, supermarkets, long-term care facilities, retirement communities, military facilities and governmental agencies.


Publicom's health information and monitoring product line incorporate exciting features including blood pressure, heart rate testing, weight and calorie analysis, fitness evaluation, percent body fat, drug and disease encyclopedias, health and lifestyle topic information, and diet and exercise recommendations.

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