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Our Mission 
Publicom's commitment is to encourage healthy lifestyles, create a healthier work environment, promote optimal productivity and assist in controlling company health costs. Our integrated health promotions are designed to motivate employees, to create positive employee behavior and performance, to reduce employee health risks and associated medical care costs. 

Workplace HealthFirst Centers Work For You 
Publicom HealthFirst Centers offer your employees worksite blood pressure monitoring, weight & calorie analysis, and ongoing maintenance and health information support. Our blood pressure computers are manufactured by LifeClinic International®, one of the world's largest suppliers of vital sign monitoring equipment. The computers are highly accurate and produced with the same quality standards as hospital-based equipment. 

Publicom HealthFirst Centers Are Cost-Effective 
Studies show that regular self-monitoring can result in significant improvement in lifestyle behavior. Risk-causing behaviors, such as smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet can be modified. When overall health improves, productivity increases. Health care costs and absenteeism go down -- morale goes up. 

Publicom HealthFirst Centers Encourage Use 
HealthFirst Centers can be located anywhere your employees gather - the cafeteria, rest areas, hallways, recreation areas. Because they are self-attended computers, employees use them any time, without any special assistance. And, the center can be the focus of your overall health program. 

Publicom HealthFirst Centers Are Compact and Self-Contained 
Only 8 square feet, the HealthFirst Center fits any location. No staff is needed and your employees can use the equipment with no formal training. The instructional information on the units explain what to do and takes them through the monitoring process, step-by-step. This frees health professionals to focus on employee assistance programs and immediate issues that require their direct attention. 

Publicom Offers Ongoing Health Information and Support 
HealthFirst Centers are maintained and serviced on a regular basis with regular updating of health and fitness information, literature and supplies. Quality assurance inspections are performed to comply with industry and FDA guidelines. In addition, employee usage is tracked by reading external meters.

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